Old Navy Grammar Lesson

Written by thestylepenguin on July 1st, 2009

So I may be a style penguin, but I’m no snob when it comes to fashion.  You know I’ve got my eye on fast fashion, and I pop my beak into the occasional discount store too… scoping out what trends have trickled down into mass market fashion, and seeing how they’ve turned out after the long game of design ‘telephone’.

So this past week i took a spin through the local mall and found myself in Old Navy.  If I’m being honest (and I almost always am) I saw nothing of real interest to me. However, please take note of the shirt they were displaying in great prominence at the front of the store.

I love boys THAT recycle? Really?

I love boys THAT recycle? Really?

Now I applaud their efforts on the environmental front… coming straight out and professing their “love for boys that recycle”. However, does Old Navy also love boys who never passed the 4th Grade?  The word that refers to inanimate objects… not even dogs and cats are referred to using the word that - animals are living beings.  Attention Old Navy… you love boys WHO recycle! Isn’t it enough that your clothes have a tendency to make middle Americans look unattractive? Do you have to make them look stupid too?

And while we’re at it… here is a picture of the man WHO was standing in my shot as I was trying to snap the ebonics shirt.

And this man is married....

And this man is married....

Now I’m dropping the Old Navy bashing here, as I have no proof that this man’s ensemble was purchased at the store…. but I can tell you that whenever he purchased it, his arms must have been 4 inches shorter, and the same goes for his torso. This is not a fashionable, 3/4 length sleeve shirt folks.  This man washes and dries on high heat and doesn’t care what he looks like when he leaves the house.  That said, he was there with his wife and kids.  My point? Ladies, do everyone a favor… don’t let your man leave the house looking like this.

Oh, he moved too fast for me to get a shot of his feet – but he was wearing Birkenstocks. With socks.


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