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All Dressed up for Summer

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Let me first apologize for the short absence… I elected to take a 4 day holiday over the weekend and head down to my new time share on an ice cap just off the coast.  Did a little ice blocking, a bit of curling (or as I like to call it, ‘shuffleboard on ice’), and dined at the finest krill spot this side of the Arctic Circle.

But now I’m back, and I’m ready to talk about this guy:

If your summers aren't too hot. (img:thesartorialist)

If your summers aren't too hot. (img:thesartorialist)

For me, this man is damn near perfect in the fashion and style department.  The image is from  If you don’t know The Sartorialist, it’s a photo based blog that travels around the world snapping shots to show real people wearing fashion – a sidewalk translation of the runways.  I love doing the same thing sometimes, but my travel budget is a tad smaller than theirs, and flights out of Antarctica are tough to come by.  Their blog is huge, so if you don’t know the Sartorialist then I’m not sure how the hell you found about lil ol’ me.  Anyway, the amazing man above is the epitome of what TO DO with summer fashion if you live in a climate that allows you long pants and layering from July – September.  Short of a seersucker suit, this Italian marvel has thrown together something that most of us only dream about… a classic cool with a chic edge, in a comfortable package… all whilst appearing effortless.  The look is also timeless and generationally transcendent – he could take this outfit off his back, hand it to his grandkid, and sonny boy is an instant style stud.

I love it all.  The unstructured, tan, loose-weave single breasted sport coat… crisp, white cotton button down… chest pocket handkerchief to match… thin, but not too thin black tie that matches the…. black, tassleless, Weejun loafers… the deep navy blue skinny jeans… and a hit of eccentric style in some steel blue wayfarer shades with mirrored lenses.  Next to Superman, this guy might really be my personal super hero.

Other fashion experts and readers will take contest with the cut of his jeans.  Usually a denim pant cut this slender would be part of an altogether ‘dressier’ look, especially on an older gentleman – but I think it’s great here.  The way my hero makes it work is in his combinations and versatile options.  The look is pretty formal in a sense – just take off the shades and button the jacket.  Also, he’s had the pants tailored with no break in the hem (I predict), as they’re falling 3 inches above his shoes when sitting. This allows the look to be more formal if need be, and more fun when worn without socks.  People will also hate on his sunglasses. I love them. I own a pair just like these myself.  I think funky sunglasses are like party hats – some things you’re just never too old to wear.  People may stare at you… but damn you feel great when you have them on your head.  I can also sense some of you turning your noses up at my hero’s shoes, but I have to tell ya… the Weejun loafers are making a comeback in a big way.  Start looking for them on teenage kids who may just be stealing their first pairs from gramps’ closet over summer vacation.  The only misstep my hero makes (and I can’t even be sure because I can’t see closely) may be his watch.  It looks like a thick leather banded watch with a metal face sitting atop the wrist strap… which just doesn’t suit him.  For some reason, that style of watch always looks to me like the person wearing it is trying way too hard for that look – it turns me off.  You know this guy has to own a subdued Cartier or Baume & Mercier.  That’s what he should be wearing.  That said, I would shop in this guys closet any day!